Pursue Hyper Speed


faster than the X-Plus2

16Mins 25S

Upgraded Lightweight Structure

Weight reduced

to 600g form 1600g

CoreXY Structure

·Reduce the motion Inertia and improve the motion speed
·With TMC2209 silent drive
·Less noise

Steadier,Stronger,Faster Extrusion

The 9.5:1 hardened gear high velocity extruder with 36 round motor,

lightweight upgrade and provide strong and stable flow supply,

help create continuous energy.

Heat ignites Creative Passion

60W round ceramic heating hotend, 20℃ to 220℃ only 30s.

Almost no temp fluctuation.

The Ultimate Amazing
Printing Details

Success With A
Perfact First Layer

Auto Bed Leveling
PID Hotbed Temp Control

Super Precise
Surface Quality

 Resonance Compensation

Pressure advance, make details better.

Reliability And Stability

Large Build Volume

Print Multiple Objects At Once


Chamber Temperature Control System

No Warping Troubles

Printing With Different Types Materials

Application for prototyping and production

Carbon Fiber Filament

The Trinity Of Hardware,Software,
After-Sales Service


Double-Sided Flexible
Magnetic HF Plate

QIDI Slicer Software

Customer Service is The Best

QIDI TECH team will reply within 12 hours.