Warranty Policy / After-sales Support

These Qidi Warranty Policies (these “Policies”) only apply to Qidi products you purchased from Qidi Official Website, Qidi Direct Store on shopping website such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and Qidi’s authorized reseller.

What is Covered

Qidi Tech provide 1-year warranty for Qidi printers.

Under this Limited Warranty, Qidi Tech guarantees that each Qidi printer you purchase will be free from major defects under normal use during the warranty period.

How to get Warranty / After-sales Support

You may get warranty / after-sales support by contacting us at email with your * valid proof of purchase. Please make a detailed description of the issue and it’s better provide some photos (if any) for better handling. It can save you time troubleshooting problems by reviewing user manuals before contacting us.

Please contact the corresponding email address according to your printer:

Q1 Pro: Q1support@qidi3d.com / Q1AMS@qidi3d.com

X-Max 3: Max3support@qd3Dprinter.com / Max3AMS@qd3Dprinter.com

X-Plus 3: Plus3support01@qd3Dprinter.com/Plus3support02@qd3Dprinter.com

X-Smart 3: Smart3ams@qd3dprinter.com / Smart3support@qd3dprinter.com

X-CF Pro: may@qd3dprinter.com / lisa@qd3dprinter.com 

I-Fast: Afast@qd3dprinter.com / Bfast@qd3dprinter.com 

X-Max I&II: linda@qd3dprinter.com / sophia@qd3dprinter.com 

X-Plus I&II: Aplus@qd3dprinter.com/Bplus@qd3dprinter.com

I-Mate: matec@qd3dprinter.com

I-Mates: mateb@qd3dprinter.com

X-Pro: judy@qd3dprinter.com

S-Box: boxa@qd3dprinter.com

I-Box: boxa@qd3dprinter.com

What is needed for getting warranty / after-sales support

Valid proof of purchase

* Valid proof of purchase:

  • Order number from online purchases made through Qidi Tech or Qidi Tech’s authorized resellers
  • Sales invoice
  • Dated sales receipt from an authorized Qidi Tech reseller which shows a description of the product along with its price.
  • Other proof

What Will Qidi Do

Qidi after-sales support team will attempt to diagnose and resolve your problem by e-mail. Qidi after-sales support team may direct you to download and install particular software updates.

If your problem cannot be resolved over the e-mail or through the application of software updates, Qidi after-sales support team will arrange to replace the parts free of charge If the problem is covered by the warranty.

If the issue is a major failure caused by manufacturing defects in Qidi printer, Qidi after-sales support team will decide a partial refund/full refund/replacement of the printer depending on the degree of failure.

*The final interpretation right belongs to Qidi Tech.


The use of personal contact information

By requesting after-sales support under this policy, you authorize Qidi Tech to store your contact information, including name, phone number, shipping address and email address. Qidi Tech will protect the security of your information.