QIDI TECH Debuts New 3D Printers at TCT Asia

TCT Asia, originated from the UK and entered China in 2015, is currently Asia's largest professional exhibition on 3D printing technology. Exhibitors provide end-to-end solutions from 3D scanning, engineering software, additive manufacturing equipment, post-processing, etc. TCT Asia, as the most important resource allocation platform for the domestic 3D printing industry and the hub of opening up to the outside world, provides 3D printing-related enterprises with the opportunity to search for technology, promote cooperation, expand the market, and get orders. It will also provide professional visitors with both local and international perspectives to quickly grasp the technological changes in the market.

The 9th TCT Asia will be held on September 12th -14th at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. QIDI TECH will be an exhibitor, bringing a variety of new high-speed 3D printers for the first time in the domestic TCT exhibition.

(Exhibition Address: QIDI起迪 Hall 4.1 J56)


QIDI MAX3: Industrial Grade Large High Speed Monster

QIDI Max3 solves the common 3D printer pain points of large size and active chamber heating. With a print volume of 325*325*315mm³, it is capable of solving the vast majority of practical industrial production applications. It is worth mentioning that temperature controlled chamber ensures that warping and layer separation problems do not occur when 3D printing with high performance filaments such as ABS. In addition, CoreXY structure with 10mm transmission belt, high flow rate extruder, high-grade hardness steel linear hollow optical axis and Klipper are all equipped on this machine.

QIDI PLUS3: High-Performance Materials Application Competence Holders

Currently, QIDI Plus3 is the only 3D printer with a constant temperature chamber within $1000 price range, which comes with a large print size of 280*280*270mm³. QIDI TECH also upgraded the nozzle material that copper alloy nozzle hotend is equipped for common materials, while hardened steel nozzle hotend for abrasive materials. In addition, Plus3 has the same fully upgraded metal frame and dual z-axis platform structure as Max3 which ensure its superb stability. In terms of device configuration, QIDI Plus3 and Max3 are basically the same.

QIDI SMART3:The King of Cost-Effective in a Small Size

QIDI SMART3 is a cost-effective 3D printer. For $399, you will get a 3D printer with CoreXY structure, Klipper firmware, 64-bit processor, resonance compensation and auto-leveling. With a print size of 175*180*170mm, it can satisfy most users' printing needs. SMART3 also has excellent upgradeable potential, you can add more function modules to it for more powerful 3D printing performance. It is the benchmark for CoreXY hyper-speed FDM printers under $400.


TCT Asia has always been innovating with the concept of “Application Driven Change”, and QIDI TECH has always been committed to applying technology to reality. At this exhibition, QIDI divided the application module into three areas - Super 3D Printing Farm Area, Automotive Engineering Model Area and Computer Equipment Industry Model Area. QIDI will show users how to use QIDI's new high-speed FDM printers to print high-quality products with extreme efficiency to meet the needs of reality.

Super 3D Printing Farm

QIDI Max3 and Plus3 have a large build volume and active chamber heating, so that it can meet the needs of large size, high precision, high performance filaments and high speed printing. Max3 and Plus3 also have a relatively low price which makes these two machines in the same type of 3D printers more cost-effective, greatly reducing the cost of printing farms. QIDI 3D printers, while subverting the public's inherent understanding of FDM technology, also greatly satisfy the low-cost, high-efficiency, high-income production needs of farmers, and are definitely the best choice for farmers.

Automotive Engineering Models

In the automotive industry, 3D printing has evolved from its beginnings of printing relatively simple prototypes of low-volume parts to customizing special parts and even 3D printing entire cars. At the exhibition, QIDI TECH will demonstrate the ability of 3D printers to be used in the production of generic automotive parts and the prototyping of customized parts. In today's society, both the demand for automobiles and the need to modify automobiles are growing. The application of 3D printing in the automotive industry will reduce the cost of repair and modification to a certain extent, and can better meet the customer's design needs for customized products.

Computer Equipment Industry Models

Due to the immense value of 3D printing in the business chain, many companies and retailers are using 3D printing to customize and design products faster and keep up with the ever-changing consumer market. Many tech enthusiasts like to modify or customize devices with their own personal style features, such as customized computer cases, keyboards, etc. The unlimited creativity and reliability of materials that 3D printing offers makes it a great tool of choice for customizing products. Not just for tech enthusiasts, even if you're not tech-savvy, QIDI 3D printers have the out-of-the-box and extremely easy-to-use capabilities to bring your ideas to life.

In the end

3D printing has a wide range of applications. Due to the limitations of the venue, QIDI only showed three representative applications. QIDI TECH will continue to upgrade and improve 3D printers based on user feedback and demand, and explore the application of 3D printing in more fields.

If you would like to visit TCT Asia, please pre-register by scanning the QR code in the picture below before 12:00 noon Beijing time on September 11th to attend the show for free. If you do not pre-register, there will be an admission fee of RMB 50 per person.