QIDI Huge Build Volume

Larger Size, Higher Cost Performance

The same type of 3D printers on the market mainly have a build size between 200-300mm. For example, the build volume of Bambu Lab’s X1C, P1S and P1P is 256*256*256mm³; while Creality’s K1 and K1 MAX have a build volume of 220* 220*250mm³ and 300*300*300mm³.

Compared with the same type of 3D printers, QIDI Max3 has a larger build volume, up to 325*325*315mm³, while the build volume of QIDI Plus3 has also reached 280*280*270mm³. This is not just a simple volume expansion of the machine. The increase in build volume puts forward higher requirements for the materials used and the performance of the machine. When the length, width and height of the machine are enlarged at a certain ratio, the diagonal distance inside the machine will also be enlarged at a higher ratio, which once again expands the size scale allowed for printing on the basis of the size parameters.

From the price point of view, QIDI MAX3 only costs $999, which can not only provide users with a super large build size, but also provide a consistent experience, high-quality printing, and good integration between hardware and software. In addition, QIDI will also provide high-quality after-sales service to ensure user experience. Considering the cost performance, if you are looking for a large format 3D printer running Klipper firmware, QIDI MAX3 is definitely a good choice!

Larger Size, Infinite Possibilities

  • A Large Scale Model

The huge build volume of QIDI MAX3 makes many creative ideas of users possible. When users need to print a large-scale model, whether the model is just for viewing, as a replacement part, or as a thumbnail model of the actual design, MAX3 can realize their vision. In addition to ensuring the capacity of large-size models, MAX3 can also maximize printing efficiency and ensure printing quality, providing flawless  printing results in the shortest possible time.

(Models designed by KIJAIdesign, Printed by @QIDI Users)


  • Multiple Small Size Models

In addition to printing large-size models, the large build volume of MAX3 can also support printing multiple small models at once, which increases printing efficiency to a certain extent. When users do not have enough time to remove the model and change the printing task, the large-size build plate can support them to print multiple models consecutively without removing them. Users can take out the model at once after all printing tasks have been completed, which greatly improves the users’ printing experience.


(Models designed by fixumdude/Serdan/Zenlayne/Nakozen ,

Printed by @QIDI Users)

In the end

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